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Individual NLP Timeline & Couples Sessions In San Diego County & Globally

Counseling Services

Dr. Jane works with clients from San Diego County (such as Encinitas, Oceanside, La Jolla, Del Mar,
San Marcos, La Mesa…) in-person, as well as, clients from across the globe, via Skype video and Zoom. 

NLP TimeLine Sessions

In the NLP TimeLine sessions, Dr. Cohen gets to the bottom of, and facilitates the clearing of, unconscious, childhood limiting decisions, such as “I’m not valuable,” “I’m not loveable,” “I’m not worthy of respect,” “People can’t be trusted,” and so on.  These unconscious decisions are what hold in place negative patterns in your life (whatever isn’t working), such as being in dysfunctional relationships, financial problems, being taken advantage of in life, low self-esteem.

NLP TimeLine is an Neuro Linguistic Programming process, and is a form of hypnotherapy, that enables clients to access the origins of their limiting decisions, in order to clear them.  NLP TimeLine is structured in a very particular way, according to how the brain works and how memories are formed, making it a very fast and effective process.  A significant limiting decision is usually cleared in each session.  Dr. Cohen’s penetrating intuitive and empathic skills, and the Life is Designed to Work thought system (combined with this powerful process) facilitate profound life changes.

For a more complete description of what Limiting Decisions are and how they are formed, and to watch a video about it, click here.

Counseling Services in San Diego County and beyond. These services include individual NLP TimeLine & Couples Sessions in San Diego and Nationwide.

Sessions for Couples

Dr. Cohen has worked with couples for over 20 years, successfully helping them:

  • resolve their seemly impossible conflicts
  • attain intimacy and well-being in their relationship
  • truly communicate with, and be aware of, each other
  • open up the fulfilling potential that is inherently there in each of you and in your relationship.

The purpose of these sessions is to:

  • Bring into objective focus what isn’t working in the relationship from both of your points-of-view
  • Help each of you understand your partner’s experience
  • Facilitate communication
  • Bring to the surface the unconscious, childhood limiting decisions holding what is not working between you in place.

Dr. Cohen then usually schedules individual TimeLine sessions to clear the specific limiting decisions.

“When I first came to Jane I found myself constantly in financial arrears and borrowing money to stay afloat. Now my finances are stable and comfortable and keep improving. I find myself unaffected by external financial crises in the world because of the work with Jane, and how much my perceptions have changed. (Jim Billings, San Diego, CA)

“I love the way Jane works. She has helped with issues that came up with my kids. She is able to help in a very limited number of sessions and in a way that does not create dependency. My daughter is definitely better adjusted and more assertive and sure of herself.” (Rob Mitchell, Carlsbad, CA)

“Jane helped me with my Chronic fatigue and what I believed to be OCD. We had several sessions where Jane utilized the NLP TimeLine Process to uncover, heal and clear unresolved issues that were making and keeping me ill. Jane’s intuitive abilities zeroed in on issues I didn’t even know or want to admit were preventing my healing and then employed time line therapy to clear the past. Jane is a kind and gentle practitioner who makes it acceptable to open up in a way that facilitates healing. I highly recommend her.”  (J.B., Florida)

“Before there was just almost waiting for the spots, so we can get angry about it, and have an argument about it, and me just knowing I’m going to be misunderstood, and not agreed with on it. And now, at least as far as I’m concerned, I’ll say the exact same thing I used to say, and my partner will go, “Oh, yeah, I got it.” And I’m like, “I’m so glad! I don’t have to go over that one again.” It’s either the way I’m saying it or the way she’s hearing it. We thank you, Jane, for helping us.”  (K.J., Carlsbad, CA)

“In the past we’ve had so many disagreements that have turned into just really feeling hurt. It had so much more of my personal value attached to it. Now, we’re able to actually disagree with each other in a way that doesn’t upset each other. And now I feel a sense of personal value that is very confident and very light.”  (S.M., Carlsbad, CA)

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