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Transforming a Relationship Dilemma

A large percentage of the issues people bring to me have to do with their relationship problems. Being in relationship can be very challenging. They can offer deep fulfillment on many different levels, but they can also bring up some of the deepest emotional conflicts we have. It can be unclear how to know if our responses toward each other are in reality or if they come from our own issues.

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Fixed-Role versus Non-Role Relationships

Many couples think in order to have the intimacy they desire, they have to compromise or give up parts of themselves. Relationships people form that are based on fixed roles is the main reason many people find themselves in this dilemma. By fixed roles I mean relationships in which one or both partners have a fixed definition of what, for example, being in a romantic or marriage relationship is. And there is an assumed or openly agreed on fixed commitment to that role regardless of how much the role is true to who each person actually is.

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What Is Spirituality?

One of my clients, who has only believed in the physical level of experience, is currently finding that this is limiting him in his personal growth. He recently came to the conclusion that he doesn’t really know what spirituality is. And so he asked me how I would define it. The below is my response to him. Although, of course, the subject is far more complex than this preliminary answer, perhaps others will find it helpful.

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