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Some of the Many Testimonials People Have Given
about Their Experiences Working with Dr. Jane

NLP TimeLine Sessions Testimonials

“Doing NLP with Dr. Jane has changed my life. I am more self confident and more social with people. I love and nurture myself more, and can freely speak my truth to others. I no longer need to have constant approval from my friends, and can be more honest with myself and them. My health and sleep issues have greatly improved. I am no longer plagued with fear, anxiety or depression. I feel like a new person! I highly recommend NLP with Jane to others.” (R.F., Long Beach, CA)

“I find myself unaffected by the external financial crisis because of the work with Jane, and how much my perceptions have changed.  When I first came to Jane I found myself constantly in financial arrears and borrowing money to stay afloat.  Now my finances are stable and comfortable and keep improving.”  (Jim Billings, San Diego, CA)

“Jane Cohen was my counselor before I moved from San Diego. She made a tremendous difference in my life and sobriety. I was able to release childhood emotional trauma, resolve interpersonal conflicts and improve my life through her. The method she used with me cleared the trauma. The benefits I received were so significant that I continued the therapy by phone. I give her my highest recommendation, I am so grateful for the changes she enabled me to make in my life.

I first met Jane in a group setting that was very powerful in resolving the issues individuals brought forward and also in resolving group interactions as they arose. If I still lived in San Diego, I would make attending her workshops a high priority in my life.” (C.B., New Mexico)

“Dr. Jane helped me with my Chronic fatigue and what I believed to be OCD. We had several sessions where Jane utilized the NLP TimeLine Process to uncover, heal and clear unresolved issues that were making and keeping me ill. Jane’s intuitive abilities zeroed in on issues I didn’t even know or want to admit were preventing my healing and then employed time line therapy to clear the past. Dr. Jane is a kind and gentle practitioner who makes it acceptable to open up in a way that facilitates healing. I highly recommend her.”  (J.B., Florida)

“Dear Dr. Jane, just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful work, after having my hips go out on me for weeks and getting different types of treatment that started to look like a Band-Aid and not a true cure, my heart became directed to you for clearing, and in one session, the emotional block that was causing me such deep pain was removed, and I knew it energetically and emotionally. I have been a client of yours off and on for many years now and I can truly say that you are for me a powerful healer and a gift, and that you yourself have grown in your work and understanding of the process that you work with and that all can benefit from this energy that you share in your work process.

Thank you so much.  [p.s. the pain was so bad I could not even walk with out a struggle…it was like a huge weight was pulling on my hips causing very deep pain that is Totally gone, and feels like it was just a terrible dream that I have awaken from.]” (D.S., Encinitas, CA)

“As a result of our last few sessions – I’m now speaking out clearly without hesitation. It was difficult to express in words yet a subtle fear always holding me back from speaking the truth. Simmering emotions and thoughts regarding several people in my life are now out in front, spoken in a polite manner and off my chest.

Looking back, I now see how this led to procrastination and letting things fester was truly a handicap. Thanks for your help to clear the blockage – another important step forward for me.” (Jim Billings, San Diego, CA)

“In private sessions with Dr. Jane my life turned around.  While I am very familiar with past life regressions, the exceedingly quick breakthroughs I experienced with Jane have me extolling her skills to the heavens. My issues were not that different than most people, but they were still enough to stop me cold again and again in my career path and with my insecurities in social groups. Along the way, we revealed other core issues that impede a thoroughly happy life and neutralized or eliminated their effects.”  (Elizabeth Miller, Cardiff, CA)

“I have found that by working with Dr. Jane my personal evolution has been transformed due to her practice.  This type of therapy has really gotten to core issues in me that no other type of practice has ever help me to reach or completely clear.  When I say core issues I mean false disconnected beliefs in me that I developed in this life or carried forward into this life.  I have found that I actually demonstrate daily a new me that is connected to my true self as an expression of LOVE.  I have found that things that were issues for me in the past are no longer issues after a session with Dr. Jane.  Now is the time for each one of us to evolve beyond our limited thinking and Dr. Jane’s work is a FANTASTIC way to do this at an accelerated pace.   (D.F, Solana Beach)

“You’re a gifted empath. You are able to experience another person’s reality. You genuinely get inside another person’s experience and become a mouthpiece or speaker for them. It felt like you were holding my hand, and with incredibly loving energy, showing me, discovering with me things in a dark forest. It made the journey so fast. It didn’t have to be hard. You led me to very deep and simple truths. This work is very powerful for those who value their true awakening. I felt I made a lot of headway very quickly. Through your empathic gift, I ended up tapping into my own true life potential, power. (John Kingsmill., Encinitas, CA)

“I have done eight sessions with Dr. Jane, and cleared some fundamental limiting decisions about myself and the way I see the world. Since my unconscious mind is now free of many limiting decisions that kept popping up in previously unsolvable ways, I am experiencing an alignment of self more powerful and life-changing than I have ever felt before. These changes are immensely empowering, so much so that I view Dr. Jane as the most powerful helper I have know since I began my path of personal growth.

My thought patterns have shifted on a fundamental level. In the past, I chose to view many events from a negative perspective. Dr. Jane helped me clear the decisions that influenced me to think this way, and now I approach daily situations with a positive attitude instead of a negative one. I am a generally happier person, even when negative events occur around me. The past problems I had with depression have cleared.

In the past I used to beat myself up internally for all the things I was not doing and all the aspects of myself that seemed imperfect. I now accept myself on a fundamental level, realizing that at every moment, I am exactly who and where I need to be, and that anything I have to do is a new opportunity for growth, and not evidence that I am lazy. Instead of negating what I want and focusing on the desires of others because of feelings of worthlessness, I now feel joyous in identifying and attaining what I want. One reason is that I now understand that attaining whatever I really truly want is beneficial not only for myself, but for those around me.

For the first time in my life, I am accepting my emotions as valuable messages from my internal self, and allowing myself the capacity to completely feel my emotions. When interacting with others, I am liberated to stay with my positive, vulnerable emotions instead of becoming emotionally triggered by others. I can look at whatever issues come up for me, and acknowledge them without being controlled by them. I stay with what I am feeling and how I am reacting in any situation, instead of moving into a space where I judge other people.

I feel that the amount of joy and happiness, the potential for growth, the feeling of personal freedom, and the power to choose how I react to any situation instead of being commanded by limiting decisions, has increased immeasurably since I have done these sessions with Dr. Jane. In my own eyes, I am a completely different person, and the amazing positive changes that have happened inside me in the past few months are direct results of her work with me. I am very grateful to have helped myself through her work, and to have found myself as an inherently beautiful person in the process.” (Rachel Ricker, Oceanside, CA)

“Working with Jane Cohen has been life-changing for me in a HUGE WAY. Each session has cleared a significant core life issue, which had been undermining my life. Dr. Jane’s ability to get to the heart of the matter, the truth if you will, is remarkable!

I have become more true to myself, and in the process I have also become more true to everyone around me — my husband, family, friends… This has allowed me to enjoy life in a way I never have before. I am no longer angered by what others do around me; I do not take it personally. I am content with myself.”

“I am writing in regards to a new process I have experienced through a lady named Jane Cohen. It is called the NLP TimeLine process. A year ago, if you had told me the changes I am going through now I probably wouldn’t believe you. But since I have begun the process, I have become much more self reliant, confident, and among other things able to accomplish previously unreachable goals. I highly recommend this learning experience to those of you open minded individuals who aren’t afraid to take the first step to a happier you.” (S.D., LA, California)

Couples and Relationship Testimonials

“Before working with Jane Cohen, I was considering divorce or severing my marriage. I was really at wits end, and not sure what I could do. I was unable to express myself in a positive manner. I wasn’t clear on what I wanted. I did not value myself. Working with Dr. Jane gave me back my power (to be me) without destroying my marriage. We worked through many limiting decisions which were holding me back. I will name a few of the limiting decisions (or deeply ingrained beliefs set in place for years) that we were able to clear, and which greatly impacted my ability to relate to my husband in a positive way. They were: “Women are less powerful than men”, “Men are irresponsible and will ruin everything if allowed”, “Sexual pleasure is bad”, “Women are not valuable and only have value through their man.” To work with Dr. Jane was a true gift. I am thankful I found Jane Cohen when I did, as I am living my life from a place of joy, and truly from the heart. I am content to be me…”(C.G. Encinitas, CA)

“I was having relationship problems quite a few years ago and was tired of going in circles. This led me on a search for understanding and relief from intense frustration. I knew solutions were available, just unable to figure it out for myself. After many different therapists I found a terrific lady counselor in San Diego. Dr. Jane has the right ‘core’ personality and is very intuitive about fundamental relationship problems. Her methods are different from traditional counselors, yet very effective. Each session brings immediate results. It’s such a relief and you’re all calmed down. (Jim Billings, San Diego, CA)

“I went to Jane for a while a few years ago and she did wonders for me in terms of how I have relationships now.  I used to have a lot of difficulties in relationships (I’ll spare you the details) and now I’m in a great relationship.  I think a lot of my being able to be in a great relationship now is because of the work I did with her and clearing beliefs that I had based on my past.  She’s very good at clearing that sort of thing (things from the past) and letting you live with a new, healthier kind of freedom.”  (M.C. San Diego, CA)

“Earlier today I enjoyed a birthday dinner with (friend). I was wondering if any triggers might surface. Well guess what – zip, zero. At least during this two hour visit everything was fine. And I believe it will carry on as a result of our work. I noticed that he made statements and comments that previously set me off.  When observing and interacting with others, I have a new overall awareness of myself that is different than before.  It’s really quite pleasant and peaceful.” (J.B., San Diego, CA)

“Largely in credit to you, Jane, I’m feeling this renewal. I’m feeling this deep level of contentment that’s in me. It’s reflected in us, too, my relationship with K.J. [her partner]. Things that would have in the past got me all ruffled and bent out of shape, and turned into an agitated scene is now just looking like another possibility for growth. And I’m really noticing when we’re able to do that and actually disagree with each other in a way that doesn’t upset each other. We’ve in the past have had so many disagreements that have turned into just really feeling hurt. It had so much more of my personal value attached to it. And now I feel a sense of personal value that is very confident and very light. There’s a lot of lightness.” (S.M., Carlsbad, CA)

“We’re both moving in the space where we’re able to have our discussions, without having them turn into ugliness. Before there was just almost waiting for the spots, so we can get angry about it, and have an argument about it, and me just knowing I’m going to be misunderstood, and not agreed with on it. And there’s something going on there now, where we’re talking and I’ll say, at least as far as I’m concerned, I’ll say the exact same thing I used to say, and S.M [his partner] will go, “Oh, yeah, I got it.” And I’m like, “What a relief! I don’t have to go over that one again.” It’s either the way I’m saying it or the way she’s hearing it. Whatever it is it’s working nicely. It’s probably a little bit of both.” (K.J., Carlsbad, CA) “And we give you credit every time. We thank you, Dr. Jane, for helping us.” (S.M., Carlsbad, CA)

“When I came to see Jane I was at the end of my rope. I was setting up my whole relationship with my husband so he had all of the power and treating myself as if I was worthless. I discovered in the session I had been holding the belief that I don’t exist.  That belief system influenced everything. When I went home, I found I was stronger with my husband, and it wasn’t a psychological self-assertion. I was just a stronger person, with a stronger sense of self. I’ve had several more sessions with Jane, and I find I’m more productive, better in relationships, and stronger.” (Rebecca Speer, Encinitas, CA)

“Before working with Jane Cohen, I was considering divorce or severing my marriage. I was really at wits end, and not sure what I could do. I was unable to express myself in a positive manner. I wasn’t clear on what I wanted. I did not value myself. Working with Dr. Jane gave me back my power (to be me) without destroying my marriage.” — C.G. Encinitas, CA

“I want to thank you again for all the help you have given my husband and me. Both of our lives have benefitted tremendously as well as improved from just a few months ago. There has been a very obvious improvement re our communication and interaction with one another.  Our triggers have diminished considerably and we are becoming much more effective at problem solving and conflict resolution. I had been literally ready to throw in the towel.  What a difference you have made for us.  It’s really nothing short of a miracle in my opinion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Karen Meleney

NLP TimeLine Sessions Testimonials

“As a client of Jane Cohen, I experienced major healing effects. Jane has a very sensitive and clear style of work that benefited me greatly.” (K.G., New York, NY)

“Jane Cohen performed some magical transformation on me. It took only 4 weeks and I know it will last as lifetime. I can’t recommend her enough.” (A.S., London, England)

“Not being in touch with my past and knowing who I was, resulted in ineffective decision making. I was repeating my mistakes for years, and not knowing why. Jane Cohen has taken me down my life path and revealed to me why I make the decisions I do. I have now taken control of my direction by making conscious decisions that take me where I want to be.” (J.T., Mira Mesa, CA)

“Jane, I got a lot out of tonite… You are good (I’ve had 20 years of therapy — I know good when I hear it!) … You are dynamite at working with one person on an issue.” (J.Z., San Diego, CA)

“Jane is very intuitive. She gently homes in on your core issues and guides you to a safe place to see them for what they are so they release their hold on you.” (M.K., Encinitas, CA)

“I have experienced sessions with Jane Cohen for the last 3 months with considerable benefit. I initiated treatment specifically to improve my relationship with my son. This was accomplished. Many other deep-seated issues surfaced and were helped as well. In comparison with several types of counseling I have experienced, Jane’s technique was clearly quicker and more effective. I am amazed at the rapidity with which she was able to identify and effectively treat key issues. I would recommend Jane Cohen’s method without reservation.” (W.R., San Diego, California)

“I had a car accident and the shock was so tremendous that for a solid year I was so panicked every time I got into a car, I wasn’t able to drive. It was very nerve wracking to even be a passenger when someone else was driving. I had to stare out the side window instead of look ahead. My driver’s license had expired, but I was unable to take the behind the wheel test to renew it. I saw a psychologist, but she was not able to help me, even with the drug she recommended.

I then had a couple sessions with Jane Cohen, and the relief was immediate. I was able to go back into the car and prepare for my driver’s test. I was easily able to pass my behind the wheel test and get my driver’s license again. Since then I have been driving and have my independence back! I highly recommend sessions with Jane Cohen.” (L.T., Glencoe, Illinois)

“I was always afraid that therapy of any kind would leave me a victim — not with Dr. Jane. There is no blame. If you are ready to experience the “truth” in your life, and bring about what you really want, then Dr. Jane is your answer. Jane is a true gift.” (C. G., Encinitas, CA)

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