(This post was written November 1st, two days before the presidential election in 2020. In this time of uncertainty, tension, and turmoil, we are reaching a fever pitch as Election Day approaches. I hope you find this blog post helpful and inspiring, as we travel the unknown path ahead of us together.)

Do you hear it, the clarion call from your soul?

This is the very time we came here for.

It is time to show up and come together
in recognition of each other and who we are.

The world will do what the world does,
on its painful, hiccupping, jolting path, in its flirtation with disaster.

It is time to choose what we focus our attention on —
the lies and unconsciousness from outside, or the growing consciousness
that connects us to Divine Truth.

Consciousness does keep growing,
and the foundation we stand on, keeps expanding.

As we approach the crossroads of Election Day,
terrified that the cheating, lying, and bullying might somehow win out —
this recognition is all important.

We don’t seem to realize how much power we have in our alliance
with Truth, with Life, with Love, with Intelligence, with Consciousness, with Inspiration, and Integrity.

Growing consciousness is the ground we must stand on,
regardless of the circumstances we are faced with.

From within consciousness, a way forward always emerges,
because it is standing on the foundation
of Truth, of Love, of Life, of Intelligence, of Inspiration, and Integrity.

Do you hear it, the clarion call from your soul?
This is the very time we have come here for.
Let us show up for ourselves and each other, and be known.

I invite you to leave any questions or comments in the below comments field.

Author’s Bio: Jane Ilene Cohen, Ph.D. is an Intuitive & Transformational NLP Counselor, and an NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, with a private practice in California. She does individual counseling with adults and adolescents (includes the NLP TimeLine Process and hypnosis), works with couples, families and other relationships, and facilitates groups and workshops. She is also the Founder of the “Life is Designed to Work” thought system.

For more about Dr. Cohen’s counseling services, go to: JaneCohenCounseling.com . For a free phone consultation to decide if this is right for you, or to make an appointment, call Dr. Cohen at (619) 203-4412.

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