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Getting to the Root of the Problem

Most of us have challenges in our lives — some may be small and some may be fairly significant. These challenges can lead to a great deal of stress. Maybe it’s a relationship problem or maybe you’re struggling financially. Maybe you feel conflicted about your career or maybe you have self-esteem issues that get in the way of you succeeding. Maybe you feel stuck, depressed, anxious…..

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Why Don’t Couples Seek the Relationship Help They Need?

When couples aren’t motivated to seek help with their relationship problems, it’s generally because they are in a co-dependent relationship with each other. That means they are leaning on each other to compensate for unconscious, childhood limiting decisions* that leave them feeling not whole. They might, for example, have limiting decisions* that they are unlovable, not worthy of respect, are powerless, are on their own, can’t support themselves, or are not safe. They are leaning on their partner to, for example, make them feel lovable, worthy of respect, powerful, or safe by relating to them in certain expected ways or doing particular kinds of behaviors toward them.

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